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Somebody Someone Luke Wouter McKoy

10 Reviews


Finger Bang

Good acting and production values. A nice idea, with a good twist at the end, though I was left with a few questions.

Suck My Life

Fantastic special effects, some well placed comedy in a horror, and it did do the genre justice. I got confused as to how he got rid of the ghost however, the power of his weird voice? Or did I miss something? Nice twist and use of the line of dialogue.


I really didn't understand the story to this. Definitely felt like an arthouse film. I would have liked some sort of warning as to there being nudity in it, but I have to applaud the actress for being willing to do that, and especially to lay naked in a forest when the weather has been so cold lately.

Daylight Robbery

The Goodfellas name is synonymous with good films and they delivered yet again. Some very unfortunate missing sound effects, but otherwise great work for a hard genre.

Come rain come shine

Nice concept, airboarding. The actor playing Nicky did a good job, and obviously had fun doing it. Production values are lower than others, but that works in the found footage genre.