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Daylight Robbery

by Goodfellas 1,191 views


Default Avatar Mifune

A witty and engaging work, well thought out and written. Some unfortunate sound failures were the only blemish. A good contender in a strong heat.

Great film. One of the best of the night. It had a clever story, great comedic acting and great camerawork. It used the camera well, working the various angles to make the one shot concept work. A definite winner

Goodfellas, I love you. Consistently at the top of the pile, and this film was no different. Really nice use of the one shot, camerawork was superb and it felt like this film was always meant to be one shot regardless of if it was required. Shame about the sound issues, but still a top film.

Slick filming & acting. Nice!

Another good entry from the Goodfellas this year. A fantastic effort at the One Shot genre. Beautifully shot and pulled off nicely. Not an easy thing to do either. Love your work.

The Goodfellas name is synonymous with good films and they delivered yet again. Some very unfortunate missing sound effects, but otherwise great work for a hard genre.

Well done Goodfellas!, again.... Tough genre and you guys pretty much nailed it, some beautiful camera use, a great way to introduce the characters, the story was smart and the space worked well. Only shortfalls were the audio and I found the comedy a little forced a couple of times. Good job

Goodfellas, nice story and acted well as per usual. Kind of felt like something was missing though from the usual Goodfellas arsenal. However, clever script which had me engaged right to the end, and loved how it all came together, but because of the sound issues I found myself having to really pay attention to piece it all together. In a tough heat, this film stood out because of the strength of the story and acting and not really because of the technical prowess. Great film though and I think an Auckland finalist.

Default Avatar tobysharpe

These guys are amazing story tellers and actors. Camera movement, blocking and timing were brilliant. Loved it.

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