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Somebody Someone brutallyhonest

6 Reviews


Suck My Life

A big step from last years production value, the story was there but somewhat predictable apart from the ending which was great, and I'm sure will be a nominee for best use of the line. Good special fx, and editing. Was lit really well and the camera work again was a huge step up. I think the comedy however became forced after a while because of Chevals decision to have the main character speak in a strange 'Mr Bean' type voice which I don't think added too much. All in all a good effort, finals material? I'm not sure ...

Daylight Robbery

Goodfellas, nice story and acted well as per usual. Kind of felt like something was missing though from the usual Goodfellas arsenal. However, clever script which had me engaged right to the end, and loved how it all came together, but because of the sound issues I found myself having to really pay attention to piece it all together. In a tough heat, this film stood out because of the strength of the story and acting and not really because of the technical prowess. Great film though and I think an Auckland finalist.


hmm, I don't know about this film, the story to me seemed very disjointed and the nudity and sex seemed like it was put in there for the sake of ticking the genre box. It seemed like there were a few strands to the story but they never quite came together and because of that the film felt a little pretentous. Some good shots but sound issues killed it, can never have good shots with poor sound it just negates it all. There is potential there, and good that they wanted to push the boundaries, hope they enter next year.

Finger Bang

Great film, the lead actor was the strength of this film, and was really made to stand out with the assist of lead actress. Simple style of shooting but seemed to really capture the story in the frame. The sound post was bang on - excuse the pun. I think this team will be a definite stand out in the future, others teams beware! a potential PJ wildcard with this one