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The Fertilizer

by Aardvark Toenail Soup 325 views


Default Avatar chickenfish

This film totally cracked me up! a great effort guys =D

Some really impressive moments, a great genre piece, some very nice shots, great craft. Fantastic use of cinematic score. Loved the use of reverse photography with the plant - very effective. Great comedy moments that weren't overplayed.

Very well filmed piece. Story was original and very funny and had me following it without any wtf? moments. Great use of effects and sound to tell the story too. Well Done

A nerd with an amputee sister meets up with his Professor, and they uncover an amazing new way to regenerate plants. Thinking of helping out his sibling, he realises that the invention may also be able to regenerate limbs. However more menacing powers at be are interested in the invention of course, including someone with plans to take over the world's food supply. The conclusion taking on the henchmen/villain was a true highlight. This had good production design, a killer script and a nice soundtrack too.

Pretty good. Nice cinematography and tongue in cheek humour. Plot was a little convoluted.

Charming lead man and a willingness to play silly straight make this an early highlight. Everything serves a purpose and the film unfolds (and looks) like a failed Marvel comic book. A sly undermining of the genre, and most welcome.

Default Avatar static_engines

very funny. well made and great use of fake hands. excellent costumes.

really good. likeable lead character and a simple enough plot to go on some weirder tangents without getting too convoluted. a really good script overall i think. looked pretty nice, some good sound-design and visual effects (backwards stop-motion plant growing was really well done.)

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