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Somebody Someone Tim Van Der Grigortron

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Gamers Life

Yolo Going Solo


Sunday in the Park with Mary

A good little love story conveyed in a musical. Unfortunately sound was out of sync for the majority however it wasn't a distraction. Really liked the part where both leads were singing about the same thing from different perspectives, always works well in musicals. Just a tad drawn out in some places. Keep up the work though it had good potential with what you had.

The Gathering

Really good film, they had One-Shot and went with end of the world as the genre and pulled it off amazingly well, nice smooth transitions through the film, a few different locations without ever feeling rushed towards each. The story moved us around the locations very well, great acting by everyone and the David Spade look a like played his role well. Funny use of the prop and beautifully executed one-shot. Would have loved to see all the business behind the camera, actors moving everywhere, lights, tables to avoid trips. Would have been very exciting to be a part of.


This film was good, crazy, cooky, full of weird things. Faddy! What do you mean, the Emo's loved it! Good use of the elements though the line was used a bit too much and emphasized to prove it being in there. Overall well done!

Double Check

Pros - Really crisp looking film here, nice use of shot composition throughout the story to bring the viewer along. I liked the idea behind, nice action movie basis with a twist ending I didn't expect but made for a really good use of character. Cons - Sound could have been a bit more convincing in the fight scenes.

Mother's Day Out

Quirky little film with a good use of sound to give it a fun feel. Didn't quite get some of the parts but I guess the strange things happening were due to a strong sense of grief. Lot's of locations but with a good flow between them all.

Out of Order

Good shots in this one, specially the night mourning scene with the rain on the windows. Didn't even rain on the weekend so good job. Story was a little bit confusing but afterwards made a bit more sense.

Last Chance

Very cool adaption of The Ghosts of Christmas Past. Had a nice feel to it and a good ending for the characters. Well played

The Fertilizer

Very well filmed piece. Story was original and very funny and had me following it without any wtf? moments. Great use of effects and sound to tell the story too. Well Done