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Out of Order

by ApeOnAWhale Group 21 views


Promising start, but the narrative became highly confusing. The storytelling deteriorated into earnestness and the exposition was extreme. Some nicely shot scenes of the mourning father in the dark.

Good shots in this one, specially the night mourning scene with the rain on the windows. Didn't even rain on the weekend so good job. Story was a little bit confusing but afterwards made a bit more sense.

A very interesting concept; the mystery of the item transporter elevator which switches items when the receiver opens it up. However rather than explore that concept, it got a bit sidetracked I believe by then switching its attention to an old man's attempt to uncover the reason for his son's disappearance. It was well shot, but I felt it could have used more focus. It got the mystery vibe well though.

I liked this, but it was hard to tell at times if the editing and script were achieving what the filmmakers set out to have them achieve. The story was a nice Twilight Zone thing and... yes well done.

Default Avatar static_engines

very sweet movie. well shot. lots of great lighting and great acting.

Default Avatar chickenfish

Some nice ideas, certainly got the mystery feel nailed. good camera work and editing. some of the acting didn't really grab me. Just a little long through the middle, but I did enjoy the end though. Not to bad overall

Default Avatar madman

A very dark and nihilistic comedy. That goth girl was completely amoral. I liked when the bereaved father sat in the dark for ages then finally turned the light on and sat some more.

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