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Somebody Someone gadfly

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How can I be bored with this competition two minutes into the first film?

The Fertilizer

Charming lead man and a willingness to play silly straight make this an early highlight. Everything serves a purpose and the film unfolds (and looks) like a failed Marvel comic book. A sly undermining of the genre, and most welcome.

Last Chance

Good central performances but the story and execution itself left me cold. Nothing wrong with indulging in meta-cinema and feeling the hand behind the camera and all that, but for such a human story with such a proven and talented cast, the emotion should have carried more. I did vote for it.

Out of Order

I liked this, but it was hard to tell at times if the editing and script were achieving what the filmmakers set out to have them achieve. The story was a nice Twilight Zone thing and... yes well done.


Though it didn't really seem to me that this went anywhere, costumes and props were well employed to give a feel of this office where new fads are created.


A big part of enjoying and succeeding in this fest seems to be simply committing to an idea. These guys did, and while I'm not entirely sure what the idea really was, they got some amusing scenes out of the experience. Kudos for tackling a fellow off the wharf and into the harbour. I would have been tempted to use that as the freeze frame end, regardless of context!

Second Hand Killers

Humour and scares. Well, um, 'executed' splatter stuff and modulation of tone made this one of the heat's stronger offerings. I don't know if we were meant to laugh as much as we did at the 'Get in the cupboard!' near the start but the audience was onside with But Wait There's More from then on.