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by 400StinkinFeet 5,001 views


The music was hilarious and not too badly put together. A few nice moments – the appearance at the start of the guy in the shower and realising that all the victims were following the lead around. The two guys falling into the water was a great moment.

Started pretty promisingly with an amusing shower number, but due to some audio issues (which plagued all films on this first night of Wellington heats) it was quite hard to understand many of the lyrics clearly. Autotune, ninjas, rifles and it actually looked pretty good too. I found the plot needed a bit more focus though, with a music video vibe for significant sections. Having said that, I reallly dug the shot of the dude being tackled into the harbour.

A few interesting scenes such as the aforementioned shower opening and the waterfront plunge, but story wasn't particularly strong

A big part of enjoying and succeeding in this fest seems to be simply committing to an idea. These guys did, and while I'm not entirely sure what the idea really was, they got some amusing scenes out of the experience. Kudos for tackling a fellow off the wharf and into the harbour. I would have been tempted to use that as the freeze frame end, regardless of context!

Default Avatar static_engines

loved the shower start and the water. nice twist with the spirits haunting the assassin.

Default Avatar chickenfish

This film for me was a bit messy, I found the story hard to follow and i wasn't sure why some of the scenes were repeated as that part didn't make sense. I did how ever like the idea of all the 'Hits' following the lead.

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