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Somebody Someone gemmacf

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One of us thought: Shooting technique, themes and soundtrack were reminiscent of Romain Gavras's music video 'Pressure'. High energy and bold editing (or lack thereof) choices. It felt fresh, honest and somewhat convincing. Though, at times I was taken out of the world of the film and felt very aware of the people making it. The other thought: It was a very affecting (and effective) film, though not in a style to my taste.


The music was hilarious and not too badly put together. A few nice moments – the appearance at the start of the guy in the shower and realising that all the victims were following the lead around. The two guys falling into the water was a great moment.

The Fertilizer

Some really impressive moments, a great genre piece, some very nice shots, great craft. Fantastic use of cinematic score. Loved the use of reverse photography with the plant - very effective. Great comedy moments that weren't overplayed.

Out of Order

Promising start, but the narrative became highly confusing. The storytelling deteriorated into earnestness and the exposition was extreme. Some nicely shot scenes of the mourning father in the dark.


Enjoyed the well thought through art dept and costumes. Some good performances, cheesy ending.