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by 24 Reasons to Die 505 views


One of us thought: Shooting technique, themes and soundtrack were reminiscent of Romain Gavras's music video 'Pressure'. High energy and bold editing (or lack thereof) choices. It felt fresh, honest and somewhat convincing. Though, at times I was taken out of the world of the film and felt very aware of the people making it. The other thought: It was a very affecting (and effective) film, though not in a style to my taste.

A great way to start the heats as per normal from these veterans, who were unfortunately disqualified this year (apparently for being too long). We were introduced to several gangsta-types who included Bobby Youngsta, No Name and The Wasp. When I say introduced I mean their name flashed on the screen. What followed was an order of chair whipping, car driving, in your face mindfuck, with a side order of fish angle wide shots.

I thought I was watching a bunch of stoned idiots mucking around with a camera, until I realized this was the same team that did Dirty Bird (which I really liked), which leads me to believe the whole thing may be a performance piece steeped in irony. Either way I found this plotless and obnoxious (although that may have been the point)

How can I be bored with this competition two minutes into the first film?

Seemed as though it were trying to make a NZ version of a Harmonie Kroine movie.

Default Avatar static_engines

it was crazy enough to work. very erratic. definitely walked the line between madness and genius. loved it for what it was.

Default Avatar Primer Grey

Holy shit. This is genius. Boy racer deviants documenting their ill behaviour to post on youtube? Too much man, too much. What a fresh take on the crime genre. Utterly original. RIP BOZWORTH.

Default Avatar madman

All I can say is AMAZING!

kind of a NZ take on trash humpers... really nailed the home-movie-of-me-and-my-mates-uploaded-to-youtube so well that it was kind of annoying at points. liked a few of the little touches - the blackletter character names, no-name, the bizarre "RIP bobby youngstah"(?) splash sequence. probably better as a concept than as an actual film though

Default Avatar chickenfish

I'd be lying if I said this was anything other than pure crap. so you get a 1/10.

These mofos are bad, i mean real bad. So bad that when they drive drunk, the car is drunk too.

Default Avatar chickenfish

I'd be lying if I said this was anything other than pure crap. so you get a 1/10.

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