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Somebody Someone ChuckRaygun

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When I saw Cinetrance was in our heat again, I knew they were going to set the bar high, and true to form, these guys delivered. Glitch looked great, with some solid performances from the cast. Had a bit of a matrix thing going on, which worked well for the story, however i felt the ending could have been stronger if we had the extra 2 mins of previous years. All up, another solid entry from the team. Paul

Passing Lane

I saw this film last night at the WLG finals and was quite gutted that it didn't take out the best film. I think it's one of those entries you would expect to see in the International Film Festival, not one that is made over a weekend. Brilliant performances from the leads, a tight script with sharp dialogue and camera work that was on point, espcially as it was in the confined space of a small car. A well crafted short film, looking forward to seeing more from this team going forward.


A nice basic story, nicely executed. The film looked nice, the dog handed in a great performance, and a nice little end to the film. The team did the basics, and did the basics super well.

The Seven Slides

I struggled with this one, and it may have just been due to the high calibre of the other films in the heat. The performance from the 'crazy' aunt was spot on, and the flip top shades mixed with the army helmet were a great touch, and full credit for finding an ohp in todays digital world.