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Technically amazing as always, this went quite deep on concepts of immortality and human nature vs technology with an open-ended approach that had the audience captivated. Serious nods to THE MATRIX but without any homage and a genuine attempt to do something different, with a dreamy yet sinister vibe to the whole proceedings. Those tunnel shots were truly something. Visual effects were also subtle but terrific and the script whilst minimalist kept an air of intrigue as to who the Morpheus-like overlord was and what he meant to our protagonist. I'm expecting this in the Wellington final because the film as described above is very strong, but as an 'Ultra' film I'm seriously disappointed. Yes there's children and yes the events of the film kind of skirt/subvert that regarding the adult protagonist. I'll wait until others have seen the film to say any more. EDIT = Film would have been a 6/7 if not for the Ultra shortcomings.

When I saw Cinetrance was in our heat again, I knew they were going to set the bar high, and true to form, these guys delivered. Glitch looked great, with some solid performances from the cast. Had a bit of a matrix thing going on, which worked well for the story, however i felt the ending could have been stronger if we had the extra 2 mins of previous years. All up, another solid entry from the team. Paul

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

A step up on this teams film from last year. normally make this film a contender for best cinematography but after seeing Latitias work in ‘three willy’s film, it’ll be a tight race. Although this film has great bonuses like, being one of the only films with readable sound, tasty visuals and a story vaguely making sense I was Disappointed that it hadn’t gone hard for the ultra requirement. The child actor was playing an immortal, not a child, and was arguably not the only lead. I’m not a judge, but it wouldn’t qualify in my books. Kickass performances all round. Will and Sarah are absolute babes. I want to see more of them!

fantastic film, always great execution. But I don't understand, why wasn't this film disqualified? The child actor was reveled to be an immortal. Even in the world of the film it was he been around to long to still be an "immortal child" So there was no child character or animal. On top of that, the child actor was not even playing the main character. I don't think high quality means you get to avoid the rules. This should be disqualified.

This film caused a bit of controversy this year with it's ULTRA requirements, but this is not the forum to defend our decision in, I am here to review it. I always have high expectations from the teams who typically do well each year and after multiple entries we start to see their strengths and weaknesses as filmmakers. Cinetrance's biggest strength is it's team, as the biggest team in the competition, there is some seriously talented folk who work in independent and international films - this is evident in the production value of all of the Cinetrance films and in the grand final nominations for VFX and the silhouette shot. My issue with this film is in the writing, the story is complex for a short film and there are a lot of characters and 48-hours is not a lot of time to work through story issues, you have to resolve it in the writing and planning stages. There were a few moments after the stunning tunnel shot where I wasn't sure who the characters were, as they hadn't had enough screen time in the set-up shots and I wasn't sure why that one girl wasn't glitching. When you are creating a futuristic world you have to be clear about what the rules are in that world and to be honest, it was confusing. It was enjoyable and it definitely hit the genre mark - a technological thriller - the locations, vfx, lighting and music gave the film an edge which got it into the Wellington Finals, if that story had been a bit clearer it may have got into the Grand Finals too.

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