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Somebody Someone Sgt scold

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A Wine in Time

This is the film that makes you pee yourself a little every second. And there were a lot of seconds. BUT NOT BORING SECONDS! very good seconds. I think I will have to wash my socks. Or should I throw them out? If smelling like piss and homelessness is a two, and one and a half sticky puddings is a three. I give this a new cardboard box to sleep in. But you use a star system, so all stars by smash mouth.


fantastic film, always great execution. But I don't understand, why wasn't this film disqualified? The child actor was reveled to be an immortal. Even in the world of the film it was he been around to long to still be an "immortal child" So there was no child character or animal. On top of that, the child actor was not even playing the main character. I don't think high quality means you get to avoid the rules. This should be disqualified.

Passing Lane

disappointing amount of willys. There could have been at least two more.