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Passing Lane

by Three Willy 328 views


An incredible short film. Stunning cinematography with a great script and edit. FAB WORK

Stunning cinematography and a perfect example of a contained story done well - everyone in the team should feel proud :)

Default Avatar Krystal Thompson

One of my favorites of the night. Simple & effective. Nice job!

What would you do if you could plead your case for a second chance at life? This went deep and as a father hit my touchy feely nerves in a big way. Impeccably framed throughout as a taxi driver picked up a passenger and took them for the probably final ride of their life. Nobody needed any baggage where they were going. It seemed like the route this was headed in was obvious 60 seconds into the film, but believe you me there was clearly a skilled hand behind this to pull the strings like it did. Just little touches here and there like keeping things interesting with framing inside the car, and creating dramatic mood with cuts to a look in the rearviewmirror that doubled as a look back onto the passenger and yet at the same time exploring predetermined destiny, this is a sure fire thing for the finals and a very good chance for nationals.

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

Absolutely on genre. Sharp. Beautifully shot. Well directed. Clear and simple story. Very little exposition used or required to get it across the line. Like taking ecstasy to the eyes. Also, the only film of this heat I could clearly hear.

disappointing amount of willys. There could have been at least two more.

I saw this film last night at the WLG finals and was quite gutted that it didn't take out the best film. I think it's one of those entries you would expect to see in the International Film Festival, not one that is made over a weekend. Brilliant performances from the leads, a tight script with sharp dialogue and camera work that was on point, espcially as it was in the confined space of a small car. A well crafted short film, looking forward to seeing more from this team going forward.

Default Avatar Jeff Goldblum Official

This one gets 10/10 Goldblums.

A young man is picked up from the side of the road by a supernatural taxi. Will the driver give him a second chance? Set almost entirely in a car on the south coast this is a very impressive film. Tonally it is very gentle, mostly a conversation between two people in a car, but the beauty of it is that the story has depth enough that make us care about what is important to the characters and feel for what happens to them. We see them make decisions and we feel really strongly for them at the end. The only beat I didn't buy in the film was the doll - I am being picky here but it was a touch heavy-handed and wasn't necessary - we still had the connection to the young man knowing he had a young daughter. Its not often that 48Hours films have depth and subtley, its very hard to achieve in such a short time, but I really felt there was a lot of work and thought put into that script and those performances, which is what made the film what it was. Of course it was also beautifully shot and the score and sound design were incredible, but this film is a lesson that it is story first and those technical elements make what is already good, great.

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