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A Wine in Time

by TEAM!


Default Avatar tyen

Pretty good little story. I felt the grade was a bit harsh. Very good silhouette.

Default Avatar JoB1Kenobi

Some good writing here and nice scout of locations.

A cleaner with a demanding boss and strict set of rules to abide decides he wants to do what he wants, with earth-shattering time travelling results. The device of choice for travel through time and space was an interesting choice with good payoff, the film felt like a good eff you to all the bad bosses out there. Variety of locations was impressive and most of the camera work was tight although I noticed some issues with movement early in the film and the contrast seemed overblown at times. Going big for scale gets point for me and the ancient warrior actually provided a haunting few moments of suspense. A clearer plot is what would have pushed this film higher. Spew was GROSS.

This is the film that makes you pee yourself a little every second. And there were a lot of seconds. BUT NOT BORING SECONDS! very good seconds. I think I will have to wash my socks. Or should I throw them out? If smelling like piss and homelessness is a two, and one and a half sticky puddings is a three. I give this a new cardboard box to sleep in. But you use a star system, so all stars by smash mouth.

A cleaner is left to sort out a storage shed and finds an ancient bottle of alcohol. His demanding boss has told him to lay off the booze while he's working but the temptation is too great and he takes a swig. His chair disappears, another swig and he's on a farm in the past with a local yokel. Turns out the wine is all taking him back in time. But its all good, a quick vom and he's back home, but busted by his angry boss for drinking on the job. No such luck for the local yokel who ends up somewhere far further back in time - cue excellent shadow of T-Rex. This film was nicely written, with a clear and simple premise that worked well. The way were were led along at the start before we realised he was time-travelling was nice and the wrap up effective. The performances were also really good and it played well to the audience with lots of laughs. Some issues with the camera-work which was a little grainy and over-exposed at times but the story carried it along.

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