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by Temple of Nut 705 views


What a good boy that dog was! Percival I think I saw on the credits? Managed to keep a very calm demeanour as all hell was breaking loose for his masters due an unexpected nasty terrorising the neighbourhood. Direction on this was really top notch and the team showed their experience in building suspense in such a short space of time, with money shots that celebrated the genre in the best possible way. Aware of tropes and yet subversive as domesticated bliss came under attack like an old sea monster film. EDIT - Winnie! Not

A nice basic story, nicely executed. The film looked nice, the dog handed in a great performance, and a nice little end to the film. The team did the basics, and did the basics super well.

Definitely the most all together polished film of the heat. Story, prod values, acting, genre, drama and humour. Finalist if not contender for overall Wellington’s best... just has it all and from a two person team too!! ...probably shoe-in for Ultra champ too!

Default Avatar Marcus.Williams

Great example of how executing a simple story can have such an awesome impact. Even more impressive having accomplished this as a duo ultra entry. Best lead actor for the dog surely?

Default Avatar MistaTeas

I was really, really enjoying the suspense/terror in this right up to the point we saw the monster, fully lit, in the house and I immediately thought Sweetums from the Muppets - which kind of ruined things. Great direction of the dog, clever editing and good pace but I wasn't a fan of the ending. Not sure where you would have gone but I wish the action had kept up and you'd played it all straight. I thought you where a shoe-in for a top three so bad luck on that!

Default Avatar filmchick1987

I had a hard time believing this team only had two people in it, because I was legit sold on there being multiple people in the house! Lovely cinematography and quirky, clever story which leaves you fully feeling the emotions of the dog and following his perspective of events. What a star! Great job, guys. Definitely deserved your Grand National & City wins.

Something lurks outside in the night, is it a friend or a foe or a new master? Shot from the point of view of a charming dog, this film is a solo/duo effort from the Wellington heavyweight 48Hour team, Temple of Nut. This film fulfils the ULTRA brief and took home the national ULTRA prize, there was no doubt this dog was the main character of the film, and it was a dog behaving as a dog, just using reaction shots without a voice over to describe his innermost thoughts, this is a difficult thing to achieve and we saw some of the process behind this in the 'behind the scenes' clip. The editing was tight, the genre was on point and you included all the elements as story points, the puddle of blood was well done not over the top, but quite realistic. You created the illusion of a lot of people in the house, using sound which is a clever way of making your solo/duo team appear bigger. The tension was in things you couldn't see rather than what you could see. Also, you nailed the ending - a satisfying enjoyable story. Winning Wellington, and national prizes for script, ULTRA and editing was a great achievement - Well done guys!

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