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The Seven Slides

by Outcasts 54 views


Hilarious black comedy escapades in a survivalist's bunker who had hunkered down as soon as the Christchurch earthquakes hit. From the get go Outcasts established a strong impending tone of doom as the group almost walked into deadly nightshade, before having to weight up whether their apocalypse ready friend had lost her marbles or not. Said survivalist was delightfully manic and carried the film strongly, and to get a sense of the film the fact that Sharknadoes off the coast were believable to the group probably hits the nail on the head. Sure fire nominee for best use of puddle. Yuck.

I struggled with this one, and it may have just been due to the high calibre of the other films in the heat. The performance from the 'crazy' aunt was spot on, and the flip top shades mixed with the army helmet were a great touch, and full credit for finding an ohp in todays digital world.

Nice camera work and overall damn good acting. However I felt like the story and the slides themselves got a bit messy in the middle and I lost track and interest (a bit). And the ending just kinda left me confused, which is sad cause I was enjoying the build up. Overall, a nicely composed we film.

Being a self-proclaimed survivalist obsessed with natural disasters, I enjoyed this film. Eccentric aunty Karen has shut her self into her bunker surrounded by her gadgets and supplies. Seemingly crazy, Karen is predicting the end times following reports of earthquakes, sharknados and superbugs. The tension builds through sound effects and the realisation across everyones faces that aunty Karen may be right - the end is nigh. Strong production design sprinkled with some good humorous moments. My favourite bit - the OHP projector.

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