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Dazza and Bazza: Kiwi Dad Detectives

by Squint Eastwood 563 views


Before this film, I have never, in 5 years, enjoyed a 48 hours animation film. Fantastic, albeit bizarre, combination of dick- and Dad- jokes.

Genuinely sick local buddy detective film dealing with the aftermath of a suicide. With knowledgeable capital humour and a propensity to really go to dark places this produced a mix of laughs and sighs of disgust from the audience. The titular Dazza and Bazza produced a farcical array of dad jokes whilst investigating grisly crimes, with the bizarre tint kept going through air horn and auto erotic machinations. Double browns rightfully earned their place in the spotlight and whilst the tar black comedy was not everyone's cup of tea I frigging loved this.

Default Avatar Ian99

Kiwi joker humour and animated bloodshed, confidently handled for the most part. I'm guessing this one will divide the audience. I know of an older chap who voted this one of his faves - a woman who was watching told me she didn't think many women would like it.

Nice to see an animated film however the humour fell really flat for me. Even the voice acting seemed quite low energy. Didn't enjoy watching this at all. The characters were a tad boring but the animation was good for a 48 hour film.

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