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Somebody Someone Nigel Smith

6 Reviews


Your Ball Sux

Good lolz, great ending. Only criticism was that the voice of the evil thing was a little hard to understand at the start.


Well you certainly picked an angle and stuck with it. Could've jumped into the plot explanation a bit earlier. "Leo-bro-bro de Capri-bro" was a highlight.

Purls of Wisdom

Great, unpredictable film. Fantastic use of green screen. I liked how a great early gag (the hands) at the start turned out to be a key plot element. Only criticism was the very literal application of the genre.

Dazza and Bazza: Kiwi Dad Detectives

Before this film, I have never, in 5 years, enjoyed a 48 hours animation film. Fantastic, albeit bizarre, combination of dick- and Dad- jokes.

Journey into the White

I don't know what to say about this film. I thought it was a fantastic animation, both visually and with the final twist. And then it seemed to show a bizarre shot of a needle going into what looked like an eye and that was really unpleasant.