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by Mudcrabs 116 views


Well you certainly picked an angle and stuck with it. Could've jumped into the plot explanation a bit earlier. "Leo-bro-bro de Capri-bro" was a highlight.

Bro puns galore like I have never come close to seeing before. The first few minutes of the screening did come across a little awkward with the audience not buying the humour but I did note some good laughs towards the end so well done on sticking to your guns and running with the idea like nobody ever has. Essentially a tale of a lonely obsessive who has had his vernacular developed to the point of only being able to speak in said puns and how he deals with rejection. The story itself was stock standard and from a technical pov quite flat but memorable for 5 minutes of non stop inclusion of the word bro into every word/sentence imaginable. The Leo joke was pretty good.

A couple more jokes may have saved this one but relying solely on the 'bro' joke made this a tedious watch. I enjoyed the score and the sound effects especially the fist bump. The angsty character had a lot of energy and the final scene was good.

I can tell you had fun making this and that's what really counts, but I don't think its possible to be coming up with all those puns and to pay attention to the camera at the same time because your camera technique was pretty terrible. Unlike most films in the competition though, the more I watched the better the film got, the technical failings kind of fall away as the punishment washes over you.

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