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Somebody Someone PajamaLlama

9 Reviews


Dazza and Bazza: Kiwi Dad Detectives

Nice to see an animated film however the humour fell really flat for me. Even the voice acting seemed quite low energy. Didn't enjoy watching this at all. The characters were a tad boring but the animation was good for a 48 hour film.

Cold Porridge Caper

This tribute to film noir was absolutely beautiful and I thought the concept of the fairytale-made-crime film was really sweet. Well done to the young lady in the lead role. She was very captivating and costuming was excellent. Unfortunately there were sound issues which made the actual dialogue very difficult to hear so I struggled to follow the story line but I was blown away by the visuals. Some lovely lighting and smoke effects were added which were very atmospheric.


A couple more jokes may have saved this one but relying solely on the 'bro' joke made this a tedious watch. I enjoyed the score and the sound effects especially the fist bump. The angsty character had a lot of energy and the final scene was good.

Chasing The Beat

A struggling rapper, working as a janitor, witnesses a heinous crime and a chase insues. Some wonderful comedy moments when one of the characters pauses at the bottom of the stairs and another moment with a jandal throw. A bit of shot work could have highlighted these moments more. The drone shot was used effectively and gave an eyes in the sky feeling during the chase sequence. The team utilised a lot of different locations which made the chase feel very dramatic.