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Cold Porridge Caper

by NITRO 314 views


Absolutely GORGEOUS film, with my friend sitting next to me commenting that a couple of shots could be framed as photos. Spot on camerawork as well. I will be re-watching this as have been told by the team that sound at the Paramount was overblown resulting in dialogue not being as clear as it should have been. Essentially a dark retelling of the Goldilocks/3 Bears story with an ambitious attempt to look at the psychology of the girl. I feel that this was a film directed with a very sure hand behind the scenes, but was slightly thrown by the very young actress smoking a cigarette. Minor as I understand it was showing her being from the bad side of the tracks. The deeply saturated black and white photography of the film provided a classic Sam Fuller look to the film and to me worked well as a metaphor contrasting the reality of the goldilocks story and the fairy tale. Due to the reliance on narration it did make it a little hard to follow at the heat with score being much louder than dialogue hence I will re-watch but most definitely enjoyed.

This tribute to film noir was absolutely beautiful and I thought the concept of the fairytale-made-crime film was really sweet. Well done to the young lady in the lead role. She was very captivating and costuming was excellent. Unfortunately there were sound issues which made the actual dialogue very difficult to hear so I struggled to follow the story line but I was blown away by the visuals. Some lovely lighting and smoke effects were added which were very atmospheric.

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