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Chasing The Beat

by Naenae Amplify 618 views


Wrong place wrong time and the chase is on in Naenae. Clever camerawork including a good drone shot to highlight the comedy of a scooter and a bike respectively chasing a runner. The quick wit of Charlie Flowers was a good way of utilising the thoughtful element of the character, the jandal throw was hilarious and that was some seriously slick rhyming and flow that you dropped at the end of the film although the sound outside of the musical sequence could have done with some more polish. Nice work.

A struggling rapper, working as a janitor, witnesses a heinous crime and a chase insues. Some wonderful comedy moments when one of the characters pauses at the bottom of the stairs and another moment with a jandal throw. A bit of shot work could have highlighted these moments more. The drone shot was used effectively and gave an eyes in the sky feeling during the chase sequence. The team utilised a lot of different locations which made the chase feel very dramatic.

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