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Purls of Wisdom

by Outcasts


Great, unpredictable film. Fantastic use of green screen. I liked how a great early gag (the hands) at the start turned out to be a key plot element. Only criticism was the very literal application of the genre.

Offbeat humorous take on a the plights and perils off master and apprentice in a tv knitting show where hard work behind the scenes goes uncredited. With over the top green screen, delectable camera angles and a western swag because the bar is not big enough for the 2 of them, this built momentum throughout the film. Excellent use of literal sleight of hand as well however the film felt a little disjointed to me personally with tonal jumps from shock revelation to silliness.

Default Avatar Derrick Sims

The first half of the film is tremendously funny and nearly flawless, though it does seem to fizzle out a bit at the end. The key actor playing "The Face" was great and the short was great fun all-around.

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