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by Couch Kumaras 1,856 views


Bit of a disappointment this one. The set up was nice, but some of the lighting was just too dark for me. And then the absolute killer was saying "always save the best for last" and then not having it be the best...I was waiting for a spectacular final death scene from a group I know is really talented but just didn't get it.

Imagine this without the voice over. It would have been a lot more sinister, I reckon. Instead, we sort of knew what was coming which only works if the deaths are spectacular, although I did like the first death -- nicely done. Good production values, just not a super strong story for me. It achieved some necessary horror story tropes: some suspense, and a couple of cringes.

This was kind of disappointing given how talented this team is. Great camera work with some genuinely creepy shot compositions. A suitably atmospheric soundtrack. But the story struggled in my opinion. It wasn't clear if the narrator was just a very disturbed young boy or a ghost, the best death sequence was the first and the rest were progressively underwhelming (with the final death being unintentionally funny because the "victim" deliberately kneels so that the killer can garotte him.) It just didn't seem to really go anywhere.

Some of my favourite horror movies are of the haunted house variety (The Innocents, The Haunting) and the key things they do is build a sense of dread by letting the viewer make their own interpretations in a lot of instances. But believe you me, when it comes time to scare, they do not hold back. Unfortunately this short chose to use a voiceover from the ghost’s point of view and give him a flat out mean spirited attitude. What this did was lost any sense of dread right from the start, and the fact that the film was presented in such a serious manner meant that the option of making it an entertaining or funny film was also gone. I would actually be interested to know what tone the team was going for – was it supposed to be a dark comedy? The score was good but before anyone harps on about how great it looked (which it did), the camera positioning was another reason for the scares failing. This is because every shot that I can recall was wide angle and steady. Movements and zooms are a troupe of this genre that really can’t be ignored, because they unsettle the audience. Sorry for the novel guys, but I’m just clearly saying why it didn’t work for me. EDIT - I see Dawkward's reviews. I'm not saying that Couch Kumaras needed shaky cams and zooms; there are some amazing steady horror films out there as well. In this particular instance the voiceover just didn't work. The score was beautiful.

Default Avatar rownz

This one kind of dragged and the pay off (saving the best until last) was so unrewarding it's not even funny. Also has the dubious honour of having the worst intro movie of the evening for me (cutting someones hair on camera and puling the fingers?). Technically it was pretty good but it never really had any 'horror' so it has to get a low mark from me sorry guys.

Default Avatar dawkward

The film had highs and lows, it was a shame that it would probably take a repeat viewing to fully understand the film, which is not ideal in this sort of competition. It was a good effort either way.

Default Avatar judas_booth

You guys are old enough to know you shouldn't read your own reviews.. especially when all people can say is... you didn't zoom.. you didn't have the scary angles... i didn't get it... where were the cliches'? You guys don't make films for morons and you should be praised for that. You guys already creamed the comp a while back... so theres nothing to prove... you've outgrown the competition and are on your own creative journey. I've watched the vids you've got up on youtube.. channel that shit.. give us the feature... send it to cannes!!!!

I actually really liked your film, I thought it was really well shot (a bit dark though in some places) and I really liked the score (was it original?). I'm a bit confused by all the negativity on here. Well done on producing that in 48 hours, I thought it was one of the best in the heat that night. Good luck :)

Default Avatar norman_moonhead

Spectacular piece of cinema that should be compulsory for every child in New Zealand to discourage theme from going into strange houses. I have had continuous nightmares that a small child will kill me ever since watching this absolute marvel. I first became interested in this film with the social media bombardment. I came along to the screening feeling apprehensive of what i was to expect but it curdled my blood and made me quietly shit my pants with fear. The artistry of the shots, the ominous music, that atmosphere for horror was so present in this film i almost thought it was just a superbly produced documentary. The realistic cries of vic, the extent at which they went to actually kill their actors. UNBELIEVABLE. that camera guy looked ridiculous in the into, i wanted him to die as well. as i writer and remember this film i quietly weep that vic will come after me and i will become another VICtim of the INSOMNIAC who is crying for attention but cant be seen, who collects his victims heads in their school bags and puts their ID CARD on a wall. Needless to say thanks to the teams full integration into social media i know what they are up to. CHUR.

It just didn't do it for me guys. It was a bit tame all round and missed the mark in terms of horror. Needed more blood and suspense, you know? There was never a point where I had to look away because it felt as though I was about to get the fright of my life or that what I was seeing made me want to not look - that's what horror is about. Good cinematography, great location, appropriately creepy acting by the young fellow, but put it all together and it kind of ended up sort of ... well, nothing.

I actually really liked your film, I thought it was really well shot (a bit dark though in some places) and I really liked the score (was it original?). I'm a bit confused by all the negativity on here. Well done on producing that in 48 hours, I thought it was one of the best in the heat that night. Good luck :)

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