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Default Avatar womanpants

As the title implies, the lead character has fairly bad eyesight. Every time he takes off his glasses, he sees a strange shadowy person wandering the house. It was an interesting plot, just not so interestingly executed. The cinematography was very restrained and dull. Thought the introduction of Bobby Young's name on the computer screen was quite original, not so much the ex-bully part. Favourite part was most certainly the baby discovering a pile of bloody mess beneath the couch, that was well done.

They hit all the right beats for horror, but I think it needed a musical soundtrack to tell it properly. The story was told well enough. What creepiness there was was right creepy, but maybe it needed more. The moral of the story for me: always hit Apple-S when you've just finished a project.

The scares and tension in this film were sorely lacking music, aside from that the concept was there and although the performances were slightly weak, the right musical beats would have given this more impact.

A novelist needs to take care of his baby when his wife goes away for the weekend. This all seems fine, even running into his old friend Bobby Young who is selling insurance door to door. However when he goes to check on his daughter the insurance seller seems to simply disappear. A few body parts found by the toddler make the audience otherwise aware, however. Genuinely unpleasant ending which was good for the genre.

Default Avatar aroise

Good premise, good use of genre but failed to grab me in any way.

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