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Somebody Someone Lisa Jordan

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I thought this film was very well done for a body switch movie. I loved the idea of the room with the tv that the body switched people found themselves in and the mysteriousness that it created. It was acted well and ran smoothly. I was kept interested trying to work out what was going on. Good job.


This was such a fun movie to watch!! Totally loved it! Such a crazy idea that just worked in every way. The editing was great - I was kept interested the entire time and the characters were hilarious. It had a very sweet ending too. Great effort!!!

Wire We Here?

I really liked this film and thought it was pretty darn amazing for a teen team - if that's what they were?! Cinematography was great and there were some really nice shots and editing used. I liked the idea for the film and also the mystery behind the fad as well. Good work!


The thing that stood out the most to me in this movie was the amazing acting from the school boy and girl characters! They were fantastic! Best acting of the night!! The actual film I was a little bit lost with though.

Finding Richard

To me this film was a bit of a mix between kick ass and boy which worked really well and I was very impressed! The main male actor was awesome and did a really good job with his performance. Some very funny moments which the audience responded really well to! The use of the line was clever and overall a very well put together film. Awesome!

Lost Property

I quite liked this film! The idea of a thief stealing unnecessary items was very cool and the crack up lines of dialogue that went with it worked very well. The fairy costume was hilarious and the acting was good too! Some great camera work used! Very crisp and clean cut. An original idea that worked well! Good job.


Nicely done! I really enjoyed this film as did most of the audience I assume. The shots and colours were awesome and it was so slick! The acting got a big thumbs up from me and the characters really made the film.


I thought this film was pretty good for a one person effort. It did have a lot of long lasting shots though which made it had to keep my attention. The one actor playing all the parts created a comedic effect which I'm not sure is what she was going for so as suggested earlier different locations etc may have helped with this. Nice effort for a solo act!


Good use of prop! Some sound issues were obvious and the story a little unclear but I thought this team did a good job. It would have been nice to go into a bit more depth on who the characters were and their relationships with each other but overall a good effort!

For A Day In The Sun

Awesome job! The acting was superb and what a great idea for a fad movie! This film was made really well - great shots, nice awkward moments for the characters and the story was told well. Loved it!


This was an unexpected take on a musical! It had some funny moments which came from the lyrics in the songs and situations of the characters. Some of the singers were very good!! Sometimes out of sync but was fun to watch and gave me lots of laughs. It was a bit different!