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by Everything Sticks 256 views


This was an unexpected take on a musical! It had some funny moments which came from the lyrics in the songs and situations of the characters. Some of the singers were very good!! Sometimes out of sync but was fun to watch and gave me lots of laughs. It was a bit different!

Loved the intro. Could not understand more than a few words during the opening song, though the music was great and intense. Cool close up shots. It looked like you guys may have zoomed with a DSLR, which is tough to make smooth. lol @ the portaloo line. I liked the uplifting woman caller at the end. Great singing. Funny music in the end credits. Nice story.

I don't believe I'm going to say this about a Musical, but I think there was too much singing. Singing by Paula at the end, and that final song itself, was good but we had to endure a lot to get to that point. The shot selections at the start were interesting and made the most of a long period of "filming a DJ' which in itself isn't that exciting. The story had merit and I'm wondering if the handling the DJ's side would have come over better if the music choices hadn't been so bouncy and light-hearted.

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