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Somebody Someone Locomotives

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Watching the impressive transformation of Pickle Thugs over the years, it was an absolute delight to see them nail their genre in their strongest 48hours entry yet. Wonderful pacing, great characters and a really awesome ending. Totally expect to see this in the finals. The voiceover, however, wasn't needed. It didn't progress the story really or add any comedic value. But that's just nitpicking as this a well-executed and fun film. I particularly liked the extreme wide shot of Charlie Flowers pushing the protagonist in the wheelchair through the park. Gorgeous.

Stuck Together

Absolutely charming and funny. Really cute and defined characters, solid voiceover work and a satisfying ending. Great start to a really strong heat. I could see this in the finals.

Ghostfish: Catfished By A Ghost

A really clever story with some awesome visuals. Great pay off at the end. The beginning wasn't as solid as the rest of the film, but it sets up the chunk of the story. Great SFX and I love that the antagonist's motive is never explained -- the way he just eats toast, more annoyed than anything, is awesome.