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Ghostfish: Catfished By A Ghost

by Prime Rib 48,500 views


One of my favourites with some fantastic effects very well done in the 5min .... Got my vote!

A really clever story with some awesome visuals. Great pay off at the end. The beginning wasn't as solid as the rest of the film, but it sets up the chunk of the story. Great SFX and I love that the antagonist's motive is never explained -- the way he just eats toast, more annoyed than anything, is awesome.

Laura Daniel gave the best performance of the night. She played her ghost character with such believable melancholy that is impossible not to feel for her. This good amount of sweetness to the rom-com horror premise adds a lot, because this team already had the comedy down pat. It was a bit of a bummer that the ending felt more like a punchline to a long joke than a conclusion to a sweet story. But perhaps I say that because I was so invested in the setup. Also, that legless ghost effect was stupendous.

As someone who has been playing 48 for many years now, there's always this bitter feeling us nobodies get when the 'celebrity' teams do well and take home the big awards. I guess it can kind of feel pointless, and tbh, I would say they often don't deserve it. As frustrating as it can be however, I would not say this is the case with GHOSTFISH. I hate myself a little for how much I loved this film and as soon as it finished I knew it had to win, and any other result would be a travesty. I think what I liked most about this film, aside from the glitz and glamour of the 10/10 cinematography/sound/editing/acting/make-up/special effects and celebrity star-power, was how it stuck to its genre in a way I wasn't expecting. Knowing it was a horror, I merely thought this team of comedians were gonna make a comedy about a ghost, add a bit of blood, and hope that passes the test, but the way the story ends, with Charlie's murderer returning home, actually delved us into a pretty tense story with legitimate horror power to it. Plus, the ending with both characters being ghosts was perfect. I couldn't disagree more with the reviewer above me who thought it was a dumb punchline to a long joke, it was the absolute only way to end the film. So yeah, part of me wants to roll my eyes and be like "Oh yeah the professional team of professional actors and professional filmmakers made a professional film, big whoop", but all that went away watching you guys graciously accept your award with big smiles and warm laughter, and the sincerity that came across was something I didn't expect. Famous people deserve happiness too. You guys deserve to be as stoked as you looked on the night. No doubt you'll make it into the national finals, and may even win the year.

Slick as climbing glass.

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