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Great story, well executed

PickleThugs grabbed the genre with a clenched fist and smashed it. The use of contrivance for comedy is some of the best I've seen in the comp. The lead played the straight man well, allowing the absurdity around him to shine. The only set-back I have is with the narration, which I felt didn't add anything and even took away a little bit from the superb ironic ending with a throwaway line.

Watching the impressive transformation of Pickle Thugs over the years, it was an absolute delight to see them nail their genre in their strongest 48hours entry yet. Wonderful pacing, great characters and a really awesome ending. Totally expect to see this in the finals. The voiceover, however, wasn't needed. It didn't progress the story really or add any comedic value. But that's just nitpicking as this a well-executed and fun film. I particularly liked the extreme wide shot of Charlie Flowers pushing the protagonist in the wheelchair through the park. Gorgeous.

A really good story with some nice surprises along the way. Plenty of laughs and a great ending. Overall a fun film to watch, and it seemed like a fun film to make too! Good work on this one.

Default Avatar spaceboy514

Quality story writing with great execution.

This team has nailed quite a few other genres in one movie: comedy, crime, buddy movie, animals in the rain, road movie and coming of age. Ample funny moments.

Absolutely incredible film, great characters, tight script and hilarious twists. PickleThugs could have not have wound up with a better genre than Comedy of Eras, and this feels like the film they were born to make. I absolutely loved Charlie Flowers in this film, Jared Tito played a very fun and very charming character and absolutely deserved the best actor award on the night. My favourite piece of storytelling in the film was the nice little full circle moment of the Thief getting hit by a car (driven by his buddy) and crippled after escaping his whole debacle. All your chekhov's guns were set up and fired wonderfully in the movie, which gives it this nice rounded complete feeling that too many 48 hour films lack. I'd love to say it was robbed of more awards on the night but the competition was truly fierce! That being said, I would expect it to make the National finals. Fingers crossed!

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