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Stuck Together

by Mitchell's Here 167 views


Absolutely charming and funny. Really cute and defined characters, solid voiceover work and a satisfying ending. Great start to a really strong heat. I could see this in the finals.

Pretty neat film. Great use of animation within a real world, and there was a nice simple story. Very enjoyable watch!

Cute and reasonably well put together, but does this actually pass the Bechdel test if the characters only motivation is to avoid being thrown out by a man? Favorite gag: "I'm too poorly drawn to die!"

Default Avatar videoamp1969

Pretty cool concept and some clever animation. Good choice of music to build the drama. I liked your use of comedy and you used the required elements well. I the whole concept in terms of storyline was quite simple but at least it all made sense and tied in nicely in the end. The voice work of the characters was strong and this helped with the engagement of the film. The only problem was I felt that I didn't care about the characters enough, really hard to do with animation and in such a short time. If you somehow could have made me feel bad for Sunlady the ending would have been stronger. But it was definitely a fun quirky sort of film with some funny lines, good job!

Default Avatar RiverFelix

It's a pretty neat little animation with a fairly simple story. The levels face were a little bit low but still audible. The compositing was pretty good but the characters bar 1 were far brighter than the paper they were on so it fell short in that area. Probably could have cut everything from after they went under the fridge and everything went black though ending needs tweaking.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A cute animated short mixed with live action, this was a simple story that was well executed. The voice acting was convincing and the animation syncing of the mouths to dialogue well done. The escape from the fridge door was OK but I wish it had moved quicker and then we'd had a story that played out under the fridge. I think this would have allowed a bit more time for character development and therefore greater interest in their plight. Tidy, enjoyable and family friendly!

A well laid out story within the time frame. Congratulations on making boring everyday objects more interesting. A fridge! I particularly liked the changes in shadow across the animations when the lighting changed. Totally reminded me of the teeny little super guy from sesame street- combining live action and animation. Thanks for the memories!

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