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Sharla and the Smiths

by Howie Mandel Fan Club


So I'm pretty sure this is only the second time ever that a Wellington team has won best school team at the 48 Hours grand final, so massive congratulations on that award!

The film itself goes places you would not expect it to. Starting from a technical point of view, something is immediately not quite right when you notice the subtly added scanlines that are prevalent throughout the frame, whilst the fashion also immediately calls to mind 80 and 90s sitcoms such as FAMILY MATTERS and FULL HOUSE. Whilst I could have definitely done without the fake American accents I definitely did enjoy the glitching reality warps that quickly come to the forefront of the film.

When the race against time kicks into gear as a script is discovered under the couch TRUMAN SHOW style, things really get weird as the lead actress realises everything ends when the credits roll, with Russian subtitles kicking in and the glitching ramping up as static as screaming came to the forefront.

Certainly a unique, strange film with a sure hand behind the camera, but my ears were hurting from the painfully loud static glitch sounds and I found it hard to think of the plot as anything other than deliberately being meta and weird for the sake of it.

Story: 2/5
Technical: 3/5
Elements: 3/5
Overall: 2.5/5

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