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by Nutbar Films


Here is our entry. Enjoy
Particular thanks to:
Brent, who did a complete rebuild of the sound because of the horrific cicada cacophony.
Mikey, who put it altogether so smoothly.
David, for capturing the images.
Stu, for allowing us to kill him again.

Good gravy when I saw this genre pop up for 2021 I thought it would be a tough ask for teams to come up with convincing story arcs of redemption within 5 minutes, but Nutbar gave it their best shot with an almost dialogue-free film that actually clocked in closer to 4 minutes!

With a wounded man on the run from cop sirens, we followed his progress to an abandoned house, with 2 teenagers also intrigued by the place. However whilst it seems they are actually in completely different universes, things come to a head.

Like I loved the atmosphere here. The editing was great for what you shot, sound design was nice and camera work was really high quality. I was just completely and utterly lost as to what the link was to the kids and what the electric shock/sacrifice represented when the 2 worlds combined. I'm assuming it's supposed to be open-ended, but that makes me question how the 'redemption' aspect of the genre was even ticked at all?

Cool use of invisibility, I think, but also puzzled about the antihero/reluctant hero/unlikely hero...don't think any of the characters ticked those boxes? But I must be missing something sorry.

Story: 1.5/5
Technical: 4/5
Elements: 2/5
Overall: 2/5

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