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by Those Guys

In denial, Ashley must face the truth as to the death of his dog Marley.


Starting with a shot of a dead dog near a car wheel, then immediately seeing just how cute the doggo was with a longing gaze at a beautiful photo of the lost loved one, it was easy to see how our lead felt hard to let go and face the truth.

Grief can be an exceptionally hard emotion to deal with, and your lead did a nice job of conveying his anguish. It can test relationships with your closest friends and loved ones as people look to blame and hold grudges rather than look at the bright side.

From a technical point of view I thought the subtle filter over the flashbacks was a nice touch of taking us back to the past without wasting time on exposition that we were not in the current timeline.

Whilst a reasonably straightforward story there was some wonderful visual flare on display with really strong editing being your teams forte. I also liked the animations in the forrest which offered a point of difference and elevated it above a generic tale of grief and forgiveness. Classy heartbeat, too.

Story: 3/5
Technical: 4/5
Elements: 3.5/5
Overall: 3/5

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