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Attempted Villain

by MuseCrew


Nice guys finish...first? Much to the chagrin of our wannabe villain who actually gets off on cruelty and torment, this reverse-FINAL DESTINATION sees pleasantness swerve fate in the right direction at every moment as the girl he intends to be mean to instead only sees him as a sweetheart.

I liked the three act structure of the film, it kept things succint as our lead tried to sabotage an alarm clock, ruin a pizza with pineapple, and destroy a painting intended as a gift. I also appreciated you going for it with musical, with some creative touches such as showing the lyrics onscreen early in the film. Sound in fact was one of the strengths here, with nice clearly discernible audio throughout, and the musical melodies themselves were well done.

For mine, the biggest area that held this back a bit was the edit. The team got a lot of coverage, and presented the viewer with almost every angle in the book that they could think of, but because movement was kept to a minimum, I felt a bit disconnected and taken out of the moment at times when cuts were seemingly made to a different angle for the sake of it. Also whilst some of the camera work was inventive, I noticed several shots slightly out of focus that again took me out of the moment a bit. The final criticism, and I don't mean to harp on, because I liked the subversion with the plot, is that the driver of the lead wanting to be mean could have been developed more. It was clear and obvious and allowed the film to unfold, but why did he want to be mean? I get that you're meeting the character requirement, but there still needs to be a molicule of explanation as to why they behave the way they do, as a lot of people will probably watch this in future without knowing it was a required element.

Story: 2.5/5
Technical: 2/5
Elements: 2.5/5
Overall: 2/5

Attempted Villain was another great effort by MuseCrew. It's been awesome seeing their work develop over the years they've been in the comp! This film had pretty good production values, particularly audio, and I definitely commend you on making a musical!

I thought this was a cool, unique take on the superhero genre--a nice guy trying not to be a hero but somehow managing to save the day every time.

Performances by the actors were great, songs were good, and the general story arc/structure was sound. Awesome work, MuseCrew-a shame to not see you in the finals!

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