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Super Scam

by Quarter of a Glass!

Just another day at the Super Hero Support Centre - Where your super problems are our super concerns.


Exploding onto screen with a BLAM! and a WHAM! Things get quickly focused onto a call centre where heroes super problems are the operator's super concerns. From colour blindness to the big green dude struggling to come out for a 'hulkish' hero, the team ran the gammut of first world problems that those seeking truth and justice might theoretically encounter.

The operator here gave a star turn as a seemingly disinterested customer service rep, although Bat Guy upped the stakes with quips on cryptocurrency and his personal living situation.

Shot with a professional quality, the colour palette produced by your art department, the performances, and satirical script were the highlights. For me I found the plot a little hard to engage with, because whilst the issues faced were particularly humorous and cleverly gave the superhero film a human element, it felt a bit one sided in that we were told jokes but didn't really get too much from themt in terms of a story progression point of view. This was almost doubled down by the jokes being told over the phone providing even more distance for me as a viewer to the characters.

I'll admit the ending was reasonably well done and provided a bombastic comic tone to round things off, though.

Story: 2.5/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

Yeah I am with steel potato.
This is a really good punchline that lasted 5 minutes.

Questions I would ask if I was in the writing room with you would be:

Who is our character we are following and what is it you are trying to say?

If the answer was something like:
We are following the woman on the phone and we are trying to say her job is boring.
Then we need more of our time with her going through the different phases of her boring day while answering the phone (Where the punchline can be repeated).
Sending emails, (phone rings).
Making coffee, (phone rings).
Throwing rubbish at the bin (phone rings).

It is mind blogging how many of these you got in there.
It really does look really good.

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