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The Olive Farmer

by Guavablue

The olive farmer is shocked to discover someone has stolen her feijoas. Who did it?


Loved the story, and how you managed to engage with the neighbours. And of course the reveal at the end. I thought it was the cat though!!

After a third viewing at request from my grandparents, we have concluded the following thoughts:
- Marvellous acting, the solo effort to both film and act were done to a really high standard and kept us laughing throughout.
- The black cat is beautiful, a lovely feature.
- Very stylish red hat. And very funny as well.

All round we really enjoyed watching it.
P.s. the washing your face scene is probably the funniest 48hour film moment we've ever seen.

Yeah, an enjoyable watch and lots of credit for doing it solo. Some nice touches of humour throughout and one or two good lines. However, I think it also could have been a lot shorter as there is plenty of superfluous dialogue.

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