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Somebody Someone IamNOTarobotBEEPBOOP

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Bon Voyage

I am not a robot beep boop


The Olive Farmer

After a third viewing at request from my grandparents, we have concluded the following thoughts:
- Marvellous acting, the solo effort to both film and act were done to a really high standard and kept us laughing throughout.
- The black cat is beautiful, a lovely feature.
- Very stylish red hat. And very funny as well.

All round we really enjoyed watching it.
P.s. the washing your face scene is probably the funniest 48hour film moment we've ever seen.

You've been Trumped

Great impersonation, well pulled off and great comments on the Key legacy. Soft face of capitalism, face with no edges, that is a genius line.

My grandfather wishes to add that the trump impersonator has a similar looking face to not only Trump, but spanish tennis player Rafael Nadel.

Congratulations on all accounts

Killer Paint Job

Very funny, very kiwi, Insanely impressive animation. Great job!

Doom Raiders

Very funny, great use of the single garden location. Great music and editing. Funny acting. Love the stunts. Congrats!!

Sam Spractical and the Lost Treasure of Captain MacGuffin

Quite good! Really impressive start that had my whole family hooked. Impressive animation on the whole, really liked the style of the drawings. Witty ending. Enjoyed the 'napoleon dynamite' feel vocal style of the class mate. Also really smooth arc shot, that was slick.