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Beautiful opening shot between an elderly man and a wee girl. I thought, here we go, a team that's got it sorted technically. However the next shots in the office were incredibly jarring and didn't quite flow together. The mute lead actress was very good, but it felt a bit like her co-star was over-acting to compensate for her dry persona. The ending was perhaps not as shocking as you might think, though a cool idea.

Default Avatar Ian99

One of my faves of the night - a dark and simple idea, done well. I thought the shooting of this one was fine overall. Great drawings too! The end could have a little more punch though.

Beautiful opening shots, and then a bit jarring initially. Mute lead character was good, but with the actor opposite it did feel like they were clashing a bit too much, as he was incredibly eager and excited which made it feel awkward at some points. Last shot seemed rush, which was unfortunate because that was the payoff.

Technically very pretty! Some good acting by the leads, and a nifty and original idea. 'Shock ending' is kind of a mean genre, because when people are looking for the shock ending, it's pretty hard to achieve... I loved the scarcity of the dialogue, and the lead actress' impassivity. Blackly and bleakly comic when it came to her killing spree, too - a nice touch. I was a bit disappointed by the final portrait - I feel like with the build-up, it should have been outstanding or remarkable in some way, but the others were better!

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