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Somebody Someone Mrs Grumbley

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Technically very pretty! Some good acting by the leads, and a nifty and original idea. 'Shock ending' is kind of a mean genre, because when people are looking for the shock ending, it's pretty hard to achieve... I loved the scarcity of the dialogue, and the lead actress' impassivity. Blackly and bleakly comic when it came to her killing spree, too - a nice touch. I was a bit disappointed by the final portrait - I feel like with the build-up, it should have been outstanding or remarkable in some way, but the others were better!

i, love

Great film - very well-executed - lovely acting. Some great gags in the script and the dancing was stupendous. Frank Stein's creation montage was wonderful. There were some truly excellent moments - I particularly liked the French waiter. I don't really have anything bad to say about this film - a simple idea done really well!

Dick Off

Great little film, very slick, once again from the team formerly known as Moffilaide (or at least that's what it looked like by the appearance of three of the lead actors and their skilled use of SFX). Loved the set pieces (especially the last one - no spoilers!) and it was very, very beautiful. Lovely grading, great sound and just gorgeous shooting. Nice to see Abby get more to do than usual and thought she played the role (similar to the Bride from Kill Bill) with panache. A little light on story, but such good fun that it was hard to notice! A lot of highlights and would love to see it again (and I'm likely to get the chance, as I would be very surprised if it didn't end up in the finals, given its high quality relative to the rest of the heat). A logical pick for audience favourite - well done, guys!

Sound Sleep

What the?? How has this not yet been reviewed? Man, I have no idea what's happened to the comp this year. Anyway, look, if you haven't seen this film, you should get onto it as soon as it appears in the screening room. If you have, REVIEW it, bitches. Disclaimer, I've been fangirling on Traces of Nut since Ruby Red, and personally, I think they lost out again this year. I was very surprised not to see them take out one of the top three places for this film, and I hope they get wildcarded. Such a lovely, affecting idea - I won't go into details of the plot of this mystery, as it will be better to discover it yourself. Suffice it to say, the production values were amazing - wonderful costuming, art direction and cinematography, as well as a fitting original score. The story was simple once it had played out to its conclusion, but perplexing while it was happening, drawing you in to wondering what was going on. Excellent performance by Sam Hallahan - what a great addition to your team - good call! Great supporting cast, too, and special mention must be made of the scripting, shooting and sound design of the 'ad'. Simply beautiful. All in all, a stellar job, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you turn up in the finals somehow!