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Sound Sleep

by Traces of Nut 1,057 views


What the?? How has this not yet been reviewed? Man, I have no idea what's happened to the comp this year. Anyway, look, if you haven't seen this film, you should get onto it as soon as it appears in the screening room. If you have, REVIEW it, bitches. Disclaimer, I've been fangirling on Traces of Nut since Ruby Red, and personally, I think they lost out again this year. I was very surprised not to see them take out one of the top three places for this film, and I hope they get wildcarded. Such a lovely, affecting idea - I won't go into details of the plot of this mystery, as it will be better to discover it yourself. Suffice it to say, the production values were amazing - wonderful costuming, art direction and cinematography, as well as a fitting original score. The story was simple once it had played out to its conclusion, but perplexing while it was happening, drawing you in to wondering what was going on. Excellent performance by Sam Hallahan - what a great addition to your team - good call! Great supporting cast, too, and special mention must be made of the scripting, shooting and sound design of the 'ad'. Simply beautiful. All in all, a stellar job, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you turn up in the finals somehow!

I saw this at the finals and loved it. The narrative is both complex and yet easily followable, which to achieve in the realms of 48 Hours is (in my opinion) the Holy Grail. Beautifully shot, nicely balanced humour and serious themes. This team is a powerhouse and they have again delivered. Personally think this should make its way to the National Finals.

Was gutted you didn't get a top 3 spot at the city final, I had my bets on you taking it out! Loved the classic Traces of Nut twist ending (much like you did in 'The Sleeping Plot'). It felt like a film that had been made in a much longer period. The sound design and music was brilliant, as was the editing and cinematography. The final scene was so tragic, considering the reveal (which I wont spoil). Best of luck with the nationals, let's hope you pick up some more attention!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

When a woman is woken by an odd noise in the house, she sends her partner to investigate. As you'd expect a very slick production from this champion team. Well written, acted and executed - just par for the course! I was really drawn into the story here and while it is obvious that all is not what it seems, I was pleasantly surprised with where things ended up and the final scene is quite beautiful. Advertising team aside, I didn't quite get the connection/relevance of some of the other characters that crop up but that might be my fault ! I was reminded of an episode ("The 12 Days of Christine") from the second season of "Inside No.9" after watching this, only because the situation the lead finds himself in is quite similar. Intriguing, imaginative and intelligent. Another top effort that has high replay value. Awesome job!

"Sound Sleep" was incredible! The post-finals time of year is bitter sweet, because you get to see some of the best films the competition has to offer but it's sad knowing their journey has probably stopped here. Slick cinematography, awesome acting, and a really haunting reveal. As it begins, the dreamlike atmosphere is a little confusing, but not in a 'stop watching' kind of way, more intriguing and wanting to see it through, wanting to see what the sound was. I loved the informercial scene as well, delightfully creepy. One of the better films I've seen this year, but this level of quality is to be expected from Traces of Nut.

Great sound design is often not praised in 48, but Traces of Nut's film hinges on it - and my golly gosh, what a fine film this is. Though the mystery isn't really one you can piece together yourself before the conclusion, the pieces it does present certainly hint that something is not quite right. So when the twist occurs, it earns it, leading to a very satisfying end that makes the transition from comedic to dramatic flawlessly (aided by a stupendous score and beautiful cinematography). My only big qualm was with two sounds in particular that I won't spoil, but they sound very similar to each other. I mentally tripped up a bit figuring out which sound match to which action, but that might just be a sign that I should get an earwax cleansing.

Really loved this. I can't add too much more to what has been said, but it was in my top 4 at the grand final, my top 4 being the actual top 3 and this one sitting at first equal position! This film really clearly highlights, and plays on, the mantra "audio is more important than video". Of course, their video is excellent as well, but the sounds and score played together really well with the acting and storyline to create a cinematic experience. And it really was an experience, I was moved at the end and it is always refreshing to see films make it to the finals that move the audience with more than just humor. Looking forward to your next one!

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