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Dick Off

by Simmo & Simo 1,014 views


What can ya say? Slick, funny, beautiful, sexy and that's just the actors!! This had a bit of everything, but mostly energy and a smart / vicious lead actress -great to see her get a grittier role too. Loved the last shot! Really made the film - certainty for a finals birth!

Great little film, very slick, once again from the team formerly known as Moffilaide (or at least that's what it looked like by the appearance of three of the lead actors and their skilled use of SFX). Loved the set pieces (especially the last one - no spoilers!) and it was very, very beautiful. Lovely grading, great sound and just gorgeous shooting. Nice to see Abby get more to do than usual and thought she played the role (similar to the Bride from Kill Bill) with panache. A little light on story, but such good fun that it was hard to notice! A lot of highlights and would love to see it again (and I'm likely to get the chance, as I would be very surprised if it didn't end up in the finals, given its high quality relative to the rest of the heat). A logical pick for audience favourite - well done, guys!

Default Avatar nicmcgoo

I thought this was superb film making. Very complex and utterly polished for a weekends work. The deadpan delivery of lines worked for me. I loved that the film successfully scorned its own genre and celebrated the dumbness with a dedication. Roll over 'Inspector Hound'. Perhaps the subject matter - so graphically and inevitably 'tackled' to the audiences delight and approval - somehow undermined the films merits and prowess. It didn't do as well as I expected and hoped. Please come back next year. You guys are frikkn awesome.

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