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Bad Omen

by Fence Post Productions 227 views


Slick cursed-typewriter type film within a film that had some nice comedic touches and an excellently acted hobo prepared to do anything for food. I liked how smooth some of your transitions were and the dialogue was good. I also commend that the genre was subverted, but unfortunately to me this was done at the expense of a coherent story.

Default Avatar Roger Ebert

Good production quality with some engaging cinematography, but it is ultimately let down by the story (or lack of...). Might of been better without the story-within-a-story trope. Unsatisfying ending. Some good acting and art department work too.

Default Avatar old c'ntry

The sheer volume of content you managed to pack into the small time allowance was impressive! I found this film extremely engaging. A little foggy on the details but it wasn't enough to detract from the overall effect of the film.

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