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Survivors Guilt

by Woof Bloody Woof 426 views


I really enjoyed this film. Horror can be one of the most difficult genres to pull off convicingly and while countless 48 hours films in the past have gone for the whole "creepy talking to people who aren't there, cryptic plot" storyline, this is the first I've seen that actually pulled it off. A story that was clear, touching and able to be easily followed was the strongest point of the film. Cinematography was also exeptionally strong; alot of single point perspective shots combined with brilliant locations culminated in a strong Stanley Kubrick esq style. However I feel this could have been capitalised on more. The 40% of shots that didn't fit into this style became noticable because of it. Decide with a style and stick with it. Half done stylistic choices resonate porely with the viewer. The biggest let down of your film was the inclusion of the pizza delivery man. It felt like a blatent attempt to include the character and added nothing to your film. Sound was ok, definatly not the worst of the heats but still could have used tightening up. Music felt too repetitive. I get the conventions of the genre and all that but I feel like a bit of variety would have impoved the work. All in all an amazing effort, you punched well, well above your age and I look foward to your future attempts.

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Moody & broody, a dark tale told very well with maturity and singular attention to detail. some of the nicest pictures of the Heat and a well worked and well told tale that I would be very happy to see in the citys Top 12. Not a fun flick, more of a morose, introspective, and it had its flaws (annoying pizza neighbour could've been cut out or rethought) but it was handsome, sombre and convincing. Some abrubt edits did marr the journey a little and stylistically there were several mis-matches but it completely dominated the audience with its thoughtful scenes and atmospheric pacing. 2 perfect match cuts conplete a fine and deliberate film showing the depth of maturity this team have in spades... not a fun film, but damned impressive.

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