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Dunedin, 2015

City Winner

48 Days Later

Begged, Borrowed, Stolen

City Finalist

Bleating Heart

Oscar the Walrus

City Finalist


Team 12

City Finalist

Leonard the Loner

Team Flapjack

City Finalist


Team Super Best Friends

City Finalist

Survivors Guilt

Woof Bloody Woof

City Finalist

The Red Tie Event

The Dandy Lions

Big River Town


Bread Over Heels

Arrested Developers

Dawn of the Dough

Warrior Wabbits

Harper has an Axe

Studio Giblets

Home and Lifestyle

The Happy Little Peas

Prime Real Estate


Stale Mate

Tyrannical Productions

Travelling Salesmen

Go Go All The Time

White Bred

Monumental Motion


Can't Remember Films