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by Team 12 391 views


Default Avatar Heather ladell

I really liked the sense of humour and eggsellent puns. I couldn't quite hear all the dialogue, which was sad because I bet I missed some good jokes. Good simple story and egg makeup. Well done!

Default Avatar Bow Ties are Cool

AWESOME WORK GUYS. Funny, fantastic and loved the goat joke! Brilliant work and goodluck! :P

Default Avatar Small Black Box

The laugh out loud film of the Heat! Even the usually stoic MC Story was unfit for duty with the 'We must sacrifice a goat!' line. Well made, very well made, but at times the audio was very hard to comprehend. A tragic, charming piece.

Great idea for a contained and simple story line. Production values could have been better, and the character design of the eggs could have been developed more to give a better sense of personality to the different characters. To me, it felt more like a comedy, with a couple of songs added, rather than a musical.

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