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The Red Tie Event

by The Dandy Lions 471 views


Default Avatar Tiahli

Loved your film! The plot was clever and crafted, and sounds was clear. Loved the bit with the sandwiches :)

Default Avatar Small Black Box

A hit from first frame to last. Behind me people were gasping, one girl said to her friend "Shit, this is really good." Quite plainly this is a team thats thinking about what they're doing before they do it. The script, what there was of it, was summary in its conceit, but very well executed. Interesting camera angles, great audio and outstanding editing choices in almost every sequence. The singular slow point of an otherwise stellar production was the introduction of the 'bad guy' adult player. Slow delivery and a lacklustre performance marred a certain winner. Principal male (the commie obsessed Ruari Warren) stole every scene and lead us on a merry chase, complete with an actual Commie, well...almost. The plastic boat as a detonator, well, I suppose we'll have to forgive that, eh, comrade.

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