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Dawn of the Dough

by Warrior Wabbits 193 views


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Where to begin. After a great, no, awesome, team intro, and some very nice, restrained bread baking shots we are thrust into overhead fluoro lighting at the science fair, and talking bread. Yep. Talking bread. The audio is great, it barely misses a beat, the casting choices are fine, locations are ok, its the script thats undercooked. Sorry, I couldn't help it. The principal male, (Simon Bovey as The Baker), suddenly disappeared about half way through. I was hoping he would reappear, but no. Supporting male (Karl Hart) has a face I could watch for days, he is mobile, expressive and capable of many things, but in this flick he is hamstrung by an invisible character arc that seems to let him only react with great suddenness, giving him few options. There is a monster in this Science Gone Mad flick, and its dough. Dough. Even when its on fire its not the most menacing of creatures and I think this is an indication of where the team came unstuck. By focussing on the compulsory prop and not on the genre many opportunities were lost...talking bread, c'mon! This team has ability in spades, the CSI seq is well lit and engaging, if not a little redundant, exterior autumnal shots are lovely, etc etc its the structure of the story that is somewhat perplexing. I caught most of film references liberally dropped in, 'die you damn dirty dough' had me in stitches and the Invasion of The BodySnatchers seq at the end was very well delivered by the able Mr Hart. I know there is more goodness to be had from this very able team.

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