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Breaking Bread

by COL & CO 42 views


Default Avatar badlywrittenreviews

Nice use of locations, and the plot developed nicely, finishing up with a superb shock ending - I don't think anyone was expecting that! Could have used some more creative shots/editing, but overall a highly enjoyable watch :)

Some very funny and clever moments, but there wasn't a clear story to follow. Story with man on road was darkly funny, but it felt a bit random and not strong enough to carry the film.

Default Avatar RickySplitz

This one perhaps started off with the most potential of all the movies on the night. Very funny at the start however the plot just seemed to wander around about with intermittent jokes interspersed. Ending was funny though!

Default Avatar Bunnrey

I liked this film overall. At the same time though, you had the best setup in the world, but you didn't have the material to get it's money's worth. I would've like to have seen them interacting with their customers. The "black" of the comedy feels awkwardly shoehorned in, and the ending didn't quite pay off satisfyingly. I thought there would be some sort of reason to have them stabbing him, but I guess not?

Default Avatar Snoopy123

Great use of the genre. Film peaked early though and failed to deliver through to the end. Maybe spend a bit more time on the script thinking up some solid jokes and moments, it felt a little improvised at times. Enjoyable film though, good acting and landed some great laughs.

Default Avatar Bayne

Unfortunate lack of story to this film. Really enjoyed the first minute or so with the introduction of the characters and the set up. Then from there is was a little blurry and didnt really follow a specific path. Comedic timing was a little off and could have provided a little more impact to the jokes but overall I enjoyed this film.

Default Avatar CrimsonCharles

Good with the introduction, but faltered with the follow through. Still though, you guys have potential and will look forward to seeing your films in the future.

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